We are Homogenizer Manufacturer in China

Chaoli Homogenizing Pump Factory is a professional homogenizer manufacturer in China. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of homogenizers, such as high pressure homogenizers, laboratory homogenizers, horizontal homogenizers, industrial homogenizers, and ice cream freezers. They are used for liquid homogenization, high pressure transfer, and they are used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmacy and cosmetic industry.Details

    1. High Pressure Homogenizer

      Each high pressure homogenizer has one or more plunger piston which can move back and forth. Under the action of plunger pistons, material can enter into a valve bank which can alter pressure.

    1. Laboratory Homogenizer

      High pressure homogeneous rod and homogeneous seat of lab homogenizer are both made of special hard alloy and they are acid and alkali resistant. Since their both ends can be used, they enjoy a long service life.

    1. Horizontal Homogenizer

      Horizontal homogenizer is made of stainless steel and is fully enclosed, so has elegant appearance and is safe to use.
      The outer cover of horizontal homogenizer is easy to install, dismantle, and maintain.

    1. Industrial Homogenizer

      High pressure homogenizing valve is made of special hard alloy steel, which is acid, alkali and impact resistant. The valve can work under the pressure of 0 to 100Mpa (1000Bar) and its hardness is 87-91HRA.

    1. Milk Homogenization

      In food processing, homogenization is to mix and refine feed liquid under the action of squeezing, strong impact, and expansion caused by loss of pressure. By doing so, the liquid materials can be blended together more evenly.

    1. Ice Cream Freezer

      As a professional ice cream freezer manufacturer in China, we can provide many kinds of ice cream freezers, including ice cream freezers with cooling system and ice cream freezers without cooling system.

Homogenizer Application
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