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General Application

GJB series high pressure homogenizer is a kind of versatile equipment which can homogenize liquid materials and make them into high-pressure sprays.
Depending on the reciprocating motion of pump piston, our high pressure homogenizer creates a high pressure against liquid materials. Thus, the homogenizer is able to fully mix and refine the materials.

High pressure homogenizers are extensively used in homogenization of dairy products. They have the function of refining the fat globule, and preventing and decreasing the stratifying of the liquid materials, thus making liquids look better.
After spray drying, homogenized materials can form into powder materials. Hence, a high pressure homogenizer is also commonly used in powder material manufacturing industries, like pharmaceutical industry and chemical industry, etc.

However, users should know that our high pressure homogenizer is not applicable for homogenization of suspending liquid materials and high viscosity materials. The dynamic viscosity of raw materials shall be less than 0.2 Pa. S.