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    1. High Pressure Homogenizer Each high pressure homogenizer has one or more plunger piston which can move back and forth. Under the action of plunger pistons, material can enter into a valve bank which can alter pressure.
    1. Laboratory Homogenizer High pressure homogeneous rod and homogeneous seat of lab homogenizer are both made of special hard alloy and they are acid and alkali resistant. Since their both ends can be used, they enjoy a long service life.
    1. Horizontal Homogenizer Horizontal homogenizer is made of stainless steel and is fully enclosed, so has elegant appearance and is safe to use.
      The outer cover of horizontal homogenizer is easy to install, dismantle, and maintain.
    1. Industrial Homogenizer High pressure homogenizing valve is made of special hard alloy steel, which is acid, alkali and impact resistant. The valve can work under the pressure of 0 to 100Mpa (1000Bar) and its hardness is 87-91HRA.

Applications of Homogenizer
GJB homogenizer can homogenize liquid materials or make them into high-pressure fog. It can be used in many fields.
1. Homogenizer can process liquid materials or solid powder into stable dispersion. It is widely used in food industry and beverage industry, to produce ice-cream, dairy, tartar sauce, fruit sauce, coffee, cocoa, green drinks, fruit tea, vegetable protein drinks, chocolate milk, natural edible pigment, and soy milk powder .
2. Homogenizer can also be used in the production of cosmetics and toiletries, including cleansing milk, lipstick, skin cream, hair conditioner, perfume, shampoo, hairspray, etc.
3. It can smash biological cells and homogenize liquid materials into oil-in-water emulsion or water-in oil emulsion. It is widely applied in biotechnology to smash yeast and seaweed.
4. Our homogenizer can also be used in pharmacy, to produce intravenous fluid, oral solution, ointment, coated tablet, fat emulsion and other things.
5. It is also applicable to chemical industry, to produce pesticide, paint, disinfectant emulsion, dye, resin, rosin, rubber emulsion, film, photographic coupler, Sodium Carbomer, lubricant, lithium based grease, Silicone emulsion, cerate, organic silicon dyestuff auxiliaries and other chemical products.

Specifications of GJB Homogenizer
Flow rate LH Pressure Mpa Power
80 60 40 30 25 20 15 KW
30           1.1 Laboratory type
  60   120       3
  120   250       4 Production type
  400 600 800 1000     7.5
400 500 750 1000 1500 1500   11
    1000 1500 2000 2500   15
800 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000   22
1000 1500 2000 3000 4000     30
1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000 45/37
2000 3000 4500 6000 7000 9000 8000 55
3000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000 15000 75
  5000 7500 10000 12000 15000 18000 90

Technical Assurance
1. Our homogenizers make low noise and their driving noise is lower than its engine noise.
2. Its pressure is stable and its pressure change is less than 2Mpa.
3. Our homogenizers can reduce the particle size to 0.1-2μm, averagely not more than 1μm.
4. The sealing materials of our homogenizers can work below 150℃.
5. The components contacting with materials are made of stainless steel which is acid and alkali resistant.
6. Made of special materials, all the valves and plunger pistons are very durable and energy-saving.
7. The bearing bush made of special alloy is very durable.
8. The lubricating of our homogenizer is reliable. Users need to change the lubricant oil for the first time after our homogenizers have worked for 800-1000 hours. After that, users only have to change the oil once a year.

Chaoli Homogenizing Pump Factory is a professional homogenizer manufacturer in China. Our high pressure homogenizers, horizontal homogenizers, industrial homogenizers and other homogenizers can be used as milk homogenizers, beverage mixers and ice cream mixers.
We have already passed GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000 certification and our products are exported to Colombia, Israel, Turkey and other countries.
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