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Method used for connection when high-pressure spray

When customers use the high-pressure spray function, the liquid material would flow out the pump directly. At that time, the outlet of the homogenizer connects to the feed inlet under the base by a nylon flexible pipe. If the pressure value is beyond the range of set value, overfill valve would open automatically to conduct internal drainage operation.
The factory setting of the pump it the method of connects for high pressure homogenize.
The following will describe the connection method for high pressure spray.
a) Take off the bypass plug and homogenize discharge joint, put the reflux joint I and reflux joint II on, connect two joints with nylon flexible pipe, and screw clamp.
b) Take off the plug screw on the pump body and then put the spray joint, smooth joint and the collar nut on. (Attention: all the attachments are in the attachment box )

1. We design to lubricate the pump in spray way, and the luboil must be filtered by 15 eyes/inch filter net.
2. The first time luboil change should be 100 working hours after operation. After that, change the luboil every 1,000 working hours. Normally the homogenizer pump use No. 40 machine oil. If working in low temperature environment, we should use No. 50 machine oil.
3. During the load running, the load shouldn’t exceed 10% of setting value.
4. The flux of cooling water for the plunger piston should be water column like pinstripe.
5. The pump is strictly prohibited to work without cooling water or liquid material.