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Established in 2003, Chaoli Homogenizing Pump Factory is a homogenizer manufacturer in China which is GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000 certified. We are engaged in the design, production, and sale of horizontal homogenizers, industrial homogenizers, ice cream freezers, etc. We also provide OEM service.

Located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu province, our factory is near Suzhou, Shanghai, and the Yangtze River, where easy access to transportation means reduced shipping costs for our customers.


Chaoli Homogenizing Pump Factory is a professional homogenizer manufacturer in China. Our main products include high pressure homogenizers, horizontal homogenizers, industrial homogenizers, ice cream freezers and other products. We adopt advanced technology and equipment and always strictly follow QB/T1700-2001 standard and ISO9001:2000 standard, in the production of various homogenizers.


What is homogenizer?
Homogenizer is used to homogenize or emulsify liquid materials whose viscosity is below 0.2Pa.s and temperature is below 80℃. It is widely used in food industry and chemical industry, to produce dairy, beverage, cosmetics, medicine, chemicals and other things.

Where are your homogenizers mainly used?
Our homogenizers can be used in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, coating, printing ink, nano materials, petrochemicals, textile auxiliaries, paper, chemical fertilizers, pesticide, plastics, rubbers, and electronics and so on.
In dairy production, the fat particles in milk can be smashed into smaller sizes by our homogenizers. The homogenized milk would be whiter and easier to be absorbed.

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