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Code Trouble Reason Obstacle avoidance
1 The finger of the manometer swing too large 1. valve leaking 2. the sealing ring of valve or plunger piston damaged 3. the butterfly valve of manometer misadjusted 4. There is air in the pump 1. polish or change the valve 2. replace 3. repair or adjust 4. eliminate air
2 Knocking sound of the valve inside the pump body is not uniform 1. some part of the valve or the valve seat leak 1. polish or change the valve
3 Low pressure or no pressure 1. air in pump 2. the surface of the homogenizing pump leak 3. manometer damaged or leaked 4. the valve leaked or the sealing ring damaged 1. eliminate air 2. repair or change 3. repair or change 4. replace
4 Knocking sound inside the body 1. the connecting rod screw loosing 2. the bearing segment of the connecting rod damaged 3. the connection of other motion parts loosing 1. fasten the connecting rod screw 2. change the bearing segment or bearing shell 3. check and fasten tightly
5 Temperature of the main bearing of the crankshaft is too high 1. sundries in it 2. bearing damaged 1. check and clean 2. change bearing
6 Not enough flux 1.sealing elements damaged 2.sealing ring damaged or the valve leaked 3.the viscosity of liquid material is too high or the feeding fluid level is too low 4.the belt relaxed 1. check and change 2. repair and change 3. increase the fluid level or thinning the viscosity 4. tie the belt
7 The sealing ring of plunger piston highly leaks 1.sealing ring damaged 2.plunger piston damaged 1. replace 2. replace