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Homogenizer Application


Though high pressure homogenizers are less used in chemical industry than in food and dairy industry, they are still widely used to produce stable emulsions, mixes and dispersions.

Homogenized particles and droplets are of small size and thus they have increased available surface area for chemical reaction. So the reaction process is accelerated by reducing reaction time and temperatures and the need for catalysts is minimized or even eliminated.
High pressure applied in our high pressure homogenizers can accelerate the extraction process and intensify the color in pigments and paints.
Homogenization is also applicable to petrochemical industry for optimum additive blending and viscosity control.


Using dynamic high pressure homogenization, the particle size of liquid pharmaceutical products can be processed into a dispersion of the active ingredients. After processed by homogenizers, these liquid pharmaceutical products are of smaller particle size and more homogeneous particle distribution. This can improve the bioavailability of these active pharmaceutical ingredients and thus reduce the dosage of the pharmaceutical products.

After high pressure homogenization, large particles can be reduced down to particles of nanometers.
High pressure homogenization can also be used to subdivide intravenous emulsions and to recombine nutritional products with optimized formulation


Homogenization is widely used for food production. Due to homogenization, manufacturers need to add fewer additives in the production of food and the composite of food products can be optimized.

Under high pressure, shearing force, turbulence, acceleration and impact, homogenization can reduce the particle size of fluid products, making them more delicious and durable.
During the process, fruit juices, beverages, flavors and sauces are forced through a special homogenizing valve at very high pressure and reduced down to 0.4 to 1 micron in homogenizers.


Since they are first used on milk at the end of the 19th century, high pressure homogenization has been widely applied in the production of dairy. Together with heat treatment technology, high pressure homogenization is widely utilized to improve the stability and shelf life of dairy products.

With improved features, our homogenizers can meet you various requirements, such as sanitary requirements and aseptic processing and so on. High pressure homogenizers are used to break particles or oil droplets of large sizes in coarse suspension into dispersion of very small globules. Homogenization can eliminate possible coalescence and gravity separation in some emulsion like milk, or other dairy products with surface active material, surfactant or emulsifier.


High pressure homogenizers are widely used in the cosmetic industry to acquire homogenous and stable emulsion. Through high pressure homogenization, particle sizes can be reduced down to nanometers. In high pressure homogenizers, particles are forced to pass through a special homogenizing valve by high pressure energy and are processed under the actions of shearing force, turbulence, void effect, acceleration and impact.

Particle size reduction and efficient dispersion can avoid phrase separation, distribute perfume homogenously and intensify the color.


High pressure homogenization is suitable for cell disruption. Without using any chemicals or solvents to break the cell wall, our homogenizers can rupture and disrupt various organisms such as yeasts, algae and bacteria, etc. Through homogenization, intercellular substances like proteins, enzymes, and vitamins can be released from those cells.

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