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Ice Cream Freezer

Working Principles of Ice Cream Freezer
The raw materials for producing ice cream freezer are mainly fresh milk, cream, egg, stabilizer, and spice.
Through mixing, refrigerating and puffing these raw materials in our ice cream freezer, the liquid slurries can be processed into semisolid state and thus edible ice cream can be obtained.

Structural Features
As a professional ice cream freezer manufacturer in China, we can provide many kinds of ice cream freezers, including ice cream freezers with cooling system and ice cream freezers without cooling system.
Our ice cream freezer is mainly made up of electric motor, drive mechanism, agitator, cooling system, condenser, plunger pump, etc.
Its main parts are made of stainless steel and are nontoxic, abrasion, resistant and corrosion resistant.
You can choose different kinds of ice cream freezers according to your specific needs.

Application of Ice Cream Freezer
Our ice cream freezer is widely used in food industry, including ice cream manufacturing plants, beverage factories, and food factories, etc.

Technical Parameters of Ice Cream Freezer
Ice cream freezer model BLND-300
Production capacity 300 L/H
Temperature of outing material ≤-4℃
Temperature of input material 2-4℃
Condensation water flux 1.5 t/h under 15-20℃
Refrigeration capacity 8500 therm per hour
Total power 7-10 hp
Size 1.65m×0.9m×1.6m
Power frequency 380v 50Hz
Medium R502

With our rich experience, advanced technology and equipment, we can provide not only ice cream freezers, but also high pressure homogenizers, horizontal homogenizers, industrial homogenizers, etc.
Our ice cream freezers and various homogenizers all come with long-time warranty service and two sets of wearing parts.
If you are in need of our ice cream freezers and homogenizers, please contact us. Welcome to Chaoli Homogenizing Pump Factory.

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