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Installation and use

1. The homogenizer works stably with four screws and four sizing blocks sustained under the base, so there is no need of any other fix up. However, a crash pad can be put under each sizing block, thus decreasing the noise and making the pump work more calmly.
2. When the machine reach the position, should use the level bar to level correct.
3. If you need to clean the machine, you must use the cooling water.
4. The position of the jar which is used to store the liquid material should higher than the feeding head.
5. Forbid to install valve outlet.

1. Checking all-around to make sure all the parts are fixed before start.
2. Connecting the cooling water on the plunger pistons, the upper is the entrance and the below is the outlet.
3. Put through the electrical source.
4. Infusing clean machine oil until it reaches to the calibration tails, which is a small hole in the middle of the back of the machine. Generally, HJ 40 machine oil is ok, but if in high temperature place, HJ 50 machine oil is needed.
5. Put through the feed pipe and discharge pipe.

1. Check the circumgyrate direction of the wheel which drives the belt. Make sure that the wheel runs in the right way just as the mark notes. If it is not, please adjust the rotation. (Before start the motor, please tighten the two pressure-regulating valves, and then loosen them twice).
2. Put on the cooling water.
3. Start the motor. Watch the discharge pipe. Check whether there are products from it or not. If the discharge pipe shakes, please loose the vent screw to release the air, and then tighten the screw until the products come out smoothly.
Or if you can not get the pressure or the finger of manometer jumps strongly, relax the vent screw to release the air until no air bubble overflows, and then tighten the screw.
4. This machine is a diode homogenizer. At the beginning you should operate the high pressure hand grip and make it to be 1 MPa, and then adjust the low pressure hand grip to be 3~4 MPa. After these, regulate the high pressure hand grip to the pressure you need.
5. The raw material must be filtered with 25 eyes/inch filter net before processing.
6. Before turn off the homogenizer, relax the pressure-regulating valve hand grip first to release the press. After the pump stopped, close the valve on the feed pipe. If stop using the homogenizer, clean the pump with 90℃ 2% solution of caustic soda first and circulate 5 min. Then change to the 90℃ cleaning hot water and circulate 10 min. Clean and disinfect the homogenizer in the same way every time before using the machine.