Homogenization is widely used for food production. Due to homogenization, manufacturers need to add fewer additives in the production of food and the composite of food products can be optimized.

Under high pressure, shearing force, turbulence, acceleration and impact, homogenization can reduce the particle size of fluid products, making them more delicious and durable.
During the process, fruit juices, beverages, flavors and sauces are forced through a special homogenizing valve at very high pressure and reduced down to 0.4 to 1 micron in homogenizers.

Our homogenizers can be used to process animal fats, fruit pulps and concentrates, puddings, aromas, gelatins, puree, baby food, gum Arabic, sauces, chestnut/ hazelnut paste, honey, soy milk, chocolate, ketchup, syrups, margarine, tomato juice, confectionery, meat paste, tomato paste/concentrate, desserts, pet food, tomato products, eggs, vegetables, fish paste, flavors, food emulsions, and fruit juices.

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