Since they are first used on milk at the end of the 19th century, high pressure homogenization has been widely applied in the production of dairy. Together with heat treatment technology, high pressure homogenization is widely utilized to improve the stability and shelf life of dairy products.

With improved features, our homogenizers can meet you various requirements, such as sanitary requirements and aseptic processing and so on. High pressure homogenizers are used to break particles or oil droplets of large sizes in coarse suspension into dispersion of very small globules. Homogenization can eliminate possible coalescence and gravity separation in some emulsion like milk, or other dairy products with surface active material, surfactant or emulsifier.
Our homogenizers are able to meet all the needs for the dairy industry. Equipped with efficient valves, our homogenizers are able to work at the lowest pressure, to produce milk and high fat content, high viscosity, recombined and high total solids products.

Our homogenizers can be used in the production of anhydrous milk fat, ice cream mix, puddings, baby foods, milk concentrates, whey, butter oil, milk proteins, whey based drinks, fresh milk, yoghurt, condensed milk, recombined milk, yoghurt drinks, sweetened condensed milk, pasteurized milk, milk for yoghurt, unsweetened condensed milk, UHT milk, cream for cooking and so on.

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