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Using dynamic high pressure homogenization, the particle size of liquid pharmaceutical products can be processed into a dispersion of the active ingredients. After processed by homogenizers, these liquid pharmaceutical products are of smaller particle size and more homogeneous particle distribution. This can improve the bioavailability of these active pharmaceutical ingredients and thus reduce the dosage of the pharmaceutical products.

After high pressure homogenization, large particles can be reduced down to particles of nanometers.
High pressure homogenization can also be used to subdivide intravenous emulsions and to recombine nutritional products with optimized formulation

We can provide various homogenizers for use in pharmaceutical applications, to process antibiotics, ingredients, ointments, medicinal syrups, syrups, vitamins, enzymes, nutritional products, gels, intravenous emulsions, vaccines, inhalation products, and liposome.

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