Though high pressure homogenizers are less used in chemical industry than in food and dairy industry, they are still widely used to produce stable emulsions, mixes and dispersions.

Homogenized particles and droplets are of small size and thus they have increased available surface area for chemical reaction. So the reaction process is accelerated by reducing reaction time and temperatures and the need for catalysts is minimized or even eliminated.
High pressure applied in our high pressure homogenizers can accelerate the extraction process and intensify the color in pigments and paints.
Homogenization is also applicable to petrochemical industry for optimum additive blending and viscosity control.

High pressure homogenizing technology can be applied in the production of various chemicals, such as adhesives, ink, resins, kaolin, antioxidants, rubber latex, shoe polish, bitumen base products, latex, soap, cellulose and derivatives, lubrication oil, starches, clay dispersion, mineral oil emulsions, waxes, colloidal suspension, paints, weatherproofing material, colorants, pesticides, waste water sludge and so on.

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